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| Sunday, August 1, 2010

Siya, voluptuous actress who seduces the male audience, and Neninthe, is concerned about the woman. Although it is an excellent first in Neninthe Puri Jagannath starring opposite Ravi Teja, speak, its potential is overshadowed by the (very simplistic) is worried for her. Insider trading Gossip says that many people face siya!

Land, which gives more importance is to show the heroine rather than her talent, significant feature, such as the nose siya attracted more attention than his work well, her first Telugu film. Because the actor must be very careful in the early stages of his career, siya is concerned about the criticism and decided to practice plastic surgery to renew his nose.

Siya follow the footsteps of actresses like Sridevi and Priyanka Chopra, where he is going through this procedure to enhance the attractiveness of her face.
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