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| Saturday, May 29, 2010

It all started with the new "Simbu's Anushka marriage were published on a website on 1 April this year with a special mention that this is not an April Fool's issue. As usual, began to other Web sites, blogs and newspapers that the new test hot new to disseminate breaking news. Consider first the news to analyze in detail and to what extent it could be true!

News says that Simbu proposed Anushka when he took on a long drive in his car BMW X6 suggested in Chennai, with a ring from Tiffany's Solitaire. He also presented gifts to expensive Anushka, including a diamond necklace from De Beers and Mont Blanc pens. Anushka visited the parents and sought their blessing Simbu a week before the news was released and taken to a shrine Simbu Anushka Amman, Kalakshetra Colony Besant Nagar to show his commitment to marriage. The couple house hunting in places like Posh Boat Club and Poes Garden was open to the creation of her house in Chennai after marriage and are planning their own production company after the marriage. Your honeymoon destination is Rome or Florence, Italy. Simbu Anushka admired for his professionalism and grace with which she manages her personal life. Anushka said she had to say yes to Simbu love if he is a good person with high values of Nice.

Usually the men and women hear their brains to listen to their hearts. This is appropriate, why men and women think logically and think, emotional and sentimental. But Anushka not fall into this category normal women. Although she was born in Mangalore, they made their college and Bangalore. You know, Bangalore girls are down-to-earth personalities, the realistic and practical and non-sense. In addition, Anushka is a trained yoga teacher. It would certainly know, a Simbu Romeo and his first romantic affairs with Aishwarya, Nayanthara, etc. You do not have in life is to exercise as awkward if his career is at the top. So why such rumors to appear? After "Vinnaithaandi Varuvayaa, upcoming films Simbu Poda Podi, a project untitled Lingusamy, Valiban Vada Chennai will be over 6 months to 1 year to hit the screens. Until then, you should consider the audience and fans, he would deliberately scattered through the report the PRO, because he knows too much "Love built on beauty, soon as beauty, dies."
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