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| Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vidya Malvade cherish the law and, as a hostess before she act. After many ups and downs, club was happy, as it creates a great confusion in Chak De India.

Fundamentals Vidya

Vidya Malvade studied law. She worked as a hostess. She is married to pilot Captain Arvind Singh Bagga, died when a NATO air 7412 crashed into a building in Patna.

Vidya has worked in many commercials, including one of Shah Rukh Khan for the Santro.

Vidya Malvade Movies

Vidya Malvade in 2003 made his debut in Vikram Bhatt Inteha with Ashmit Patel, is not very good.

2005 Mashooka second film is not very good.

2007 she joined the Chak De India hockey team, a new Wed Vidya Sharm, one goalkeeper, who must choose between the game and his family.

Sanjay Dutt, Vidya 2008 plays a woman in the kidnapping of Sanjay Gadhvi, who does not sit well with critics or win big at the box office.

2009 will be seen in Siddharth Stryker, a story about the player and restart Blues mobile phones.

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