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| Saturday, May 1, 2010

Harmonious and pleasant attitude of thinking, says the secret of my beauty says kannada charming beauty Haripriya. Even before a Kannada film Haripriya has gathered great popularity in the media. She is brilliant and calling it a boom today, three films by hand. She turned down more than 20 proposals. Serious need to leave Radhika and Rakshita now partially filled Haripriya. A well educated and bubbly girl looking to get high.

In this simple chat Haripriya has recognized that pretty girl is hard to live in peace on this earth.

In her words……
Can you provide a brief information about you?
My original name Shruthi. I graduated university with prior Vidya Mandir. That was the purpose of my late father to become an actor. My grandfather was in the theater and plays that can be done by my father, I do now in the cinema. Unfortunately it is there to see movies. I'm from Chickballapur. That's when I learned painting and dancing. This is where my father worked two breakfasts. My brother had a job in Bangalore, and I had to go in this beautiful Bangalore. I was interested Bharatanatyam and knew her for several years.

How was the debut "MMM"?

"Manasugala Mathu Madhura (release of 7 March) is about teenage love. If teen-age boys to see this movie, they will be corrected. It was hard to cry in some scenes. I thought of my father's death in 2005 . and collect the emotions needed for the scene.

Why are not interested in training?

After II PUC, I wanted to do fashion design, but time does not permit. I am one after another. I concentrated on Bharatanatyam, participation in cultural activities. Bharatanatyam really helped me in securing the expression of his first film.

How Car Vasantha appear?

I play in a beautiful village with traditional costumes in the "MMM" (Narayanaswamy hero) I'm in a triangular love story in "Vasantha Cola (Nagkiran is a hero). I liked the movie a green background," MMM ". Zeleny index cherish. Trees and plants, I would because it is very important natural resource.

What is your role in a production environment "Mukyamantri I love you"?

At an early age I was playing IAS officer. The role is very difficult for me, but I took the official Ravi Belegereji Boulevard Kannada editor "Let Russia, which manages the production of the film. This film has completed 70 percent shooting.

Why do you say that this is a difficult stage for beautiful girls to remain in filmdom?

Ultimately, there's nothing people like me nominated. The work presents a social chat and negligence will be the wrong signals.

You are concerned about gossip?

In the early stages of his career moved me gossip. I was completely shocked, I thought that is common in the dream factory.

What is your response to the people in this area?

Everything depends on how the reciprocal of these issues. One thing I learned in one year, that "patience pays" and "experience and practice makes one perfect. I am not someone who can not wait before. This film has taught me to wait for results.

There is a rumor that you disagree with a series of movies?

I mostly solid in my approach. I do not accept all the different roles. I have a good approach and mentality. Should be considered.

What are the reasons for taking movies?

For me, producer, director and history is very important. I do not mind working with a novice or mature in this area.

What is your purpose in the cinema?
Besides being a good personal I want to be the next Aishwarya Rai
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