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| Tuesday, May 4, 2010

English beauty Hazel will soon debut in movies. But it was a disgusting experience during her struggle days in Mumbai.
Several years ago, Hazel put her foot in the door of tinsel town when she plays in the film further Feroz Khan Janasheen. Then, while she tries to get a role in this bollywood picture, she nurtured modeling and appeared in television commercials for Ponds, Sunsilk, Nokia and Lays.

During her days in combat, said Hazel's most infamous 'casting couch' phenomenon when she indecent proposal from the Director. Hazel showed this in an interview on the site.

Director, Hazel, who does not want to call, give the message and offer a movie in which she was supposed to play a supermodel. Hazel was a bit bashful on this proposal, because it has a good height to play a supermodel.

Then, during the hearing, the director said, opening scenes show Hazel from the swimming pool in a bikini. He asked Hazel to wear a bikini. But Hazel is NOT a swimsuit with her. Then one day the director asked her to undress, because he wanted to see how she looked at her.

Hazel was shocked by the demand director and went to the audition. After that, Hazel said she cringed at the approach of other works directors. But then luck came with Robbie Grewal movie Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar, in which she plays an NRI who comes to India and falls in love with a boy in school.

The film, teenage love story, set for release on June 8.
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