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| Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Delhi, March 31 (IANS) Multilingual actor Asin Thottumkal was recognized youth icon in Kerala in a public poll conducted by TV channel Asianet.

"The study was conducted within 15 days, and the participation of many people. Asin winner, because she's smart thinking and a youth representative. She is a talented, beautiful and made Kerala proud," the source said.

March 26 actress won the honor in the presence of who's who in the South Indian film industry and political leaders.

Seven-year-old fan Asin in January won the prize because she adored Asin. It was interesting and busy Asino gesture, "said the source.

The actress was awarded a cash prize, which she gave to palliative care hospitals that focus on reducing the severity of symptoms.

Asin's other wins approval: In South India wild Asin wins another approval. Good luck on her side when she won the prize, and then another.

Currently, she is revered as an icon of youth Kerela. This is based on public voting. Talented, beautiful girl made Kerela proud.

She was awarded the prize for the 7-year-old fan, who adored Asin. "It was interesting and gesture overloaded Asin.

In addition, it also award a cash prize award, which she gave to palliative care.
She was honored in the presence of political leaders, ministers and culture of South movie brotherhood.
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