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| Saturday, May 1, 2010

I am one of the youngest actresses to win the National Award - Priyanka Chopra

"I learned that I was one of most young actresses to win the National Award. For me it is perfect," says Priyanka Chopra, on the eve of opening ceremonies for the National Award.

Priyanka, who won for playing a complex character, fashion, suitable for mobile phones, actresses apply to the winning directors and scripts, when they are at the end of his career. "I never planned my career. I'm not a fan background, took baby steps in this phase, but one thing I like the idea that quality is flexibility. I do not say" no "to a negative role in Aitraaz and not too concerned Meghna Mathur before (character she plays in fashion) are nuances that are not expected from a typical Hindi film heroine.

And even now I do Ange Anjani, very romantic film, but at the same time, I'm preparing for that could be the role of life in JV Khoon Vishal Bhardwaj in Maaf, where she played a woman who had seven men in their lives. By the end of this year, I will do some high-end action in the future, Don.

Interestingly, in industry, where a few beats, the actress became loyal to certain banners, Priyanka is sought through banners. It is very popular among Bhardwaj and Bhandarkar, since it Roshans, Chopras and Johars. "I'm not here to make new friends. Yes, it is likely to close during the shooting, but ultimately professional. People say that I am diplomatic. I say that I'm Gandhi in my thoughts. I hope that the directors gave me only where the nature they have in mind. In addition, the family never gave me in life and death of such a situation. For me, acting like any other job, like any other industry there are good and not very nice people here.

She agrees it's easier to say. "I do not believe the theory that the actor should be connected with the character somewhere. I feel the problem lies in the nature of the game that I did not identify. I have to say how they will respond if put in this situation. As one of JV Maaf Khoon. Here the challenge is to act as a biographical complex at an early age.
Director, actor

Over the past few months have seen him give authentic performances in some not very good films. The latter of which is Pyaar Impossible, which makes film at least visible. If it went beyond Actor Director tags? "I am improving but still largely depend on my directors. I still can not judge the meat in the script. I carefully for their ability to perform due Fashion Madhur to convince me, and at first refused Kaminey Thought is a film about people with half a dozen scenes for me. Vishal me in Miami and persuaded me. "It is just as Sweety is a strong character, which I think was the audience."
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