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| Saturday, May 1, 2010

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An Overview of Bikini Styles

The emergence of a bikini, more than sixty years, has a different shape and orientation to the world of fashion. Although taken in a stroke at the start of his interesting and sexual look, do not let fashion-film fans to the attention of a long time to keep. He managed to complete the hearts of those that my body wanted to give a dirty look to win.

Thus, designers leave no stone unturned the needs of the adventurous swimmers to meet. We hope the following statements may help to establish a suitable beach lovers bikini for women to choose to wear.


String Bikini : "This is nothing but a classic combination of pieces of fabric and string instruments. Pieke of the two strings with one on each side. The lower part consists of two small fabric attached-to-smell-triangles. These figures focused on the strings, move to the waist.

Modest Ones

Tankini: many are called as a modest bikini, it consists of a common bikini bottom and tank top. In the denominator covers everything from the armpits to the navel.

Maternity Tankini: It is specifically designed for pregnant women. The bottom of the tank was placed cut into two halves, which make visible the sea

Sports Bikini: Used by beach volleyball players only and the other athletes.

The largest

Sling bikini: also known as "slingshot", it is more or less just Bikini Bottom. It provides the strings or straps which go upwards to join the neck. During this process, they cover the breast. Of course, it is clear that the bar hangs around the waist.

Microkini: This option is considered by many to nudity, uses a substance that is capable only of the genitals. It is an elongated strip that surrounds the waist suspended.


Pubkini: This is the highest form of microkini. It is used mainly for adult film actresses and dancers. The advantage of the tissue.

Monokini: No bikini monokini called. It is mainly used for pasture. But darers tried often in the pool.
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