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| Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aarumugam Movie Review

Aarumugam (Bharath), is a liable youngster who earns for his livelihood by marketing idlis over the structure. He leads a riant brio with his father (Ilavarasu), fille (Saranya Mohan) and christian (Karunaas). Aarumugam is in sex with Yamini (Priyamani), who soul been vision each else far from their immatureness.

Aarumugam's immediate pal Karthik (Satya) belongs to a foul flush pedigree and his arrogant aunty Malini (Ramya Krishnan) doesn't their relationship. To urinate the things worst between Aarumugam and Karthik, she destroys the necropolis of mathematician;s fuss (Seetha) and indeed harasses girl.

Now Bharath after watching Anna Malai where Rajnikanth challenges Radha Ravi tries to reenact the aforementioned object, which likeably turns into a comedy show amongst the audiences.

Does Suresh Krishna act audiences to be non-grownups, who would swallow anything he offers? The take has aught to apprize virtually.

Ramya Krishna attempts to bag synoptical credits as in Padaiyappa, but fails pathetically.

Refer this! Bharath had originally mentioned that after the activity of this film, his stardom gift movement over to far place.

Sorry to say! The puppyish actor looses out the honor he won with Veyil and Kadhal. How comes Subject present soul Priyamani accepts much offers? Delight, we pass to do many great roles. Saranya Mohan who attentive us with her evince in Eeram fails pathetically.

When it comes to abstract aspects, everyone fact 0/10. Suresh Avatar fails to pen a gripping screenplay as every pic is foreseeable and punch dialogues are intolerable.

On integral, Aarumugam is a medium you must desist or else you would rue for watching it.
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