Siddhie (Air Hostess Hot) Photos

| Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another new fresh face prepares to debut in Tollywood. Female Siddhie. She worked as a airhostess Kingfisher airlines. Siddhie is a friend of Kittu, daughter of producer ML Kumar Choudhary. Siddhie good looks, and she has permission from none other than the one and only Vijay Malya. Malya liked Siddhie and he immediately offered her a job as airhostess at airline Kingfisher. It seems, Siddhie is now set to rise even higher in his new incarnation as the heroine of literacy. Very soon, this bubbly blonde can be seen from the film. If it clicks and this is a plus for Malya, as people refer to it as "KF Airhostess. In Telugu production has become a haven for many artists looking especially pretty girls, it became clear that even those in the north Part of the desire to come and work in literacy. Before it is a model that made its presence, but now even these beauties from other areas also available.

One of these areas Cabin crew and a great name that can be taken in that Kaveri Justice and Home Affairs. Now, another hot bomb targeting all set screens on fire, and her name Siddhiee. Sources say it is part of the brotherhood as airhostess Kingfisher, before she came here.

Getting to the eyes of many is her thunder thighs no doubt this beauty show and having a taste of Christmas, which many viewers Telugu that meets all the requirements with the right kind of meat. There was a time when actress Rambha said it decided tons of thunder thighs.

Siddhie will soon be seen in the movie "Vesavi Selavullo", and he directed a summer version. Bearing in mind the charm of that child fell, temperatures will remain in the summer fly from his presence. So let's see how this beauty thunder thighs will go in the ground, Telugu.
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