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| Saturday, May 1, 2010

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Minimized Bath Suits Information

Swimwear range of traditional and swimwear Bikinis and tankinis to boys shorts. With so many choices of swimwear can often be overwhelming. Using information about swimwear minimize selection of swimwear that are comfortable and attractive. Know your body type - errors and all - into the process easier. Trick confidence and sense of style is a suit that of your problem areas are reduced.

Hips, thighs and buttocks

1. Choose a high-cut suit, which is not higher than the hip - it creates the illusion of a long, thin legs and fat thighs minimum. Shorts were the typical child can thighs and buttocks seem larger. However, there are boy shorts with high prices is available, who will be back and continue to limit your belly. Skirtinis - a piece version of the skirt as a divider - a modern version. Avoid stripes, graphics or light-colored floor, which is only possible problem areas. The increase of the upper body of a strange pattern, color, or jewelry attention away from the bottom half of the body go.

Mid section

2. If you have a general circular shape, flat surface of your stomach creating the illusion of the body. Wear a suit with some embellishment in the center to hide her stomach. Difficult to avoid a color only. Choose a bold pattern or detail - as a side-swept Tour - a reduction of the stomach and create an hourglass waist. Choose a suit with a diving tip line for lift and support your breast, while the attention away from the stomach. For a more conservative top, choose a style surplice one hand, a separate piece on the horizontal size and bust size in the middle part.

Big Bust

3. Reducing the requirement large breasts on the bone or service, bra and thick bands on the structure and form. Choose a costume that directly in order to reduce their breast torso. Select a halter tops with thick straps, which also offers good support. Avoid triangle tops, bandeaus sex and bra tops with spaghetti straps - they will support not only the biggest failure.

Long Torso

4. Women with a long skirt to keep the upper body while the length of the lower bodies. Choose a costume with details like Ruffles and fringe benefits that are working well, narrow hips for a long skirt. Bandeaus has an excellent opportunity for a bikini, as they reduce the body. Tankinis and one piece is very good, as long as they are the bust and empire waist detail.

Plus Size whole body

5. For obese women can choose from several options for the stylish swimwear that will reduce and enjoy their bodies. Suits with skirts and tops are ideal for women who cover. Choose empire waist, based on the top, claims clubs and big breasts reduced. Select a pack with built-in control panel of the stomach. Avoid bright colors, horizontal stripes and large samples. Fiber or dark colors for the small print.
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