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| Sunday, August 8, 2010

Too much attention from the scene show Deepika Padukone and her two co-stars Lara Dutta and Jiah Khan walk on the beach in a bikini in the current budget had been confiscated. But Deepika think too much is done for nothing.

"When you pull on a beach in Italy, you look sexy. However, the highlight of the movie not the bikini here. I remember people wearing a big deal about Priyanka Chopra, a bathing suit" Dostana "but we know that the film was much more than this, "Deepika told a news agency.

Deepika has no objection to be the bikini shot, this one advertised in the film, while not getting the people the wrong ideas about the film.

"All publicity is good as long as everyone is aware in connection with the film true intent. In the same direction as in House Full, we seem to girl in a bikini for a while, but the film goes on. Not the main focus is to show skin," said them.

Since it is rare that slip along the three great ladies of the film swimwear for the same time, we have a way tug of war of ego, if not expected Catfights look better in them. But Deepika says that there is no such thing.

"The three of us in the gym and share notes to go over our food. In fact, I remember with salad for the other girls. Lara also has something for me. It n" There were no negative energy whatsoever "said Deepika.
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Swimwear Modesty

All swimsuits by a factor of punch, sexy or hot babes roaming the beaches of miniature costumes (which they reveal more hidden links). But the port stuff is not cup of tea for all. It is not always in body size, which most of the questions as you slip into a bathing suit is a quotient of comfort you opened the door to all areas such as the beach. If someone is not well, especially in a swimsuit she shows in body language and facial expressions as well.

However, if you are a baby into the water, then it is not necessary to carry small things. The markets have a variety of ways, and that in different color schemes for every taste style. Women can go either swimwear swimsuits camouflage or leg, covering the entire body is covered and a lot of shame attached to it. These are essentially concealing costumes that cover the body from neck to ankles. Above the normal body-water departure, while the bottom has drawers in dark shades continue to make themselves thinner.
This insurance i [swimsuit is also ideal for people whose skin is sensitive to the salty sea water. And for those who will burn the skin into a nightmare, swim leg is another good option. Still, it is not necessary to put your body to extreme harsh climate of the beach and later regret it.

So what if you can not wear two-piece bikini like Halle Berry or Jenniffer Aniston, at least you can have all the fun in the water.
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