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| Monday, August 30, 2010

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Without doubt, a first date is an important time for kissing a woman. Most women love to kiss and where they find the perfect kiss is even better. Some women are not the first day, which is perfectly acceptable to kiss. However, if you do not mind dreaming a kiss on the date of the first to inform you of something great and memorable!

French Kiss

The French kiss is sensual and exciting. A kiss, your love and desire to catch fire. French kiss is as effective as a solid game in the meadow covered with straw, in the heat of summer when the sun sets the sky on fire.

French kiss definition: an explosive growth resulting in a fire when two pairs of lips suddenly mixed with a fuel demand.

How are sensual and the best in the most intimate kiss:

- Receive a sensual mouth. Brush and floss. Drink water. A kiss is fresh and healthy sensual French kiss.
- Hair & Body Neat. Shaving after-shave. Shower and shampoo.
- If your partner or innocent looking dominant
- Get Closer & gently kiss
- Start slowly lick your lips love
- Feel your tongue reacts Satin roaming your mouth
- Visit your partner's mouth, slowly.
- Over time, deeper and more intimate.
- The best French kiss takes time.
- Press the tongue in the mouth of the partner, or take a guided tour
- Do not give your mouth at once.
- Do not take more than your partner in the mouth immediately. That fire has spread slowly.
- Resists more fun.
- Close your eyes and let the wind blow the passion
- Bite your partner's lip with the teeth together. Slowly.
- Look carefully at your partner.

A date of the first kiss should be something simple and special. If a woman steps in this first day, usually in the back, asked if a kiss is the date of completion. There is nothing wrong with a kiss on the first date, but should not be a little higher.

Love is like life, you never know its surprises. But beyond all that happened, it can be good or bad, we still struggle to live and love. People are not perfect. These shortcomings make us feel different emotions on a roller coaster.

Normally, a woman is not sick with a soft, sweet kiss at the end of the night. Also for women who are not usually kiss on the first day if the kiss is a bit soft, gentle and simple, they do not comply.


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