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| Saturday, May 1, 2010

Malishka is an actress mainly participated in Telugu movies "Dongalabandi", "Nachav Alludu" and "Oka Vichitram".

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Mini Micro Bikini

What is small, you just paid all this money? Just when you thought bikinis could not get less, new guard on the market called the mini-and micro bikinis. The top and bottom have almost no coverage at all to come, buttocks and smell. Almost the entire body is exposed, leaving very little to the imagination. This is a very brave and kind of sex scene that hit the beach. Unfortunately, many of us figure flattering look in a bikini.

By clicking on the envelope some more bikini micro mini is available with a clean material that can be seen through when the sun shines in the right corner, where the suit is wet. Although it is interesting to wear bikini for your attention and showing off their assets, there controversy about such swimwear is allowed in public places.

Most beaches do not apply the rules on size swimwear. However, more and more public pools are starting to be due to complaints from parents. These parents believe that it is bad taste, especially when they are trying to enjoy the day in the pool with their children. Those wearing such bikinis feel their rights have been violated. In the end, they have to swim.

Another area of dispute is that the bathing suit line really only works for young people. It is believed that seeing others in such a small bikini can lead to poor self-esteem of his body and probably eating disorders. It is believed society will strive to meet the criteria for this new bikini, jeopardizing their health. In a society that so many girls and women, fighting many questions, this is an alarming thought.

Mini-micro bikini is available in different shapes and sizes. Well come in the form of diamond or tear-shaped. Lines are too thin, and some tie around the neck, not behind. They range from the basic bikini, bikini line with many lines of this country, tears form in the crotch, and even hip belt area. I think everyone will see some interesting things about water this summer! It will be interesting to monitor sales of micro-bikini, mini.
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