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| Sunday, July 25, 2010

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Hair Styles for Men

While most men choose a neat, short haircut, some people use their hair as a form of expression, in accordance with their style of dress, music and movie selection. Alternative style can be difficult to shoot, but when he cut and style correctly, it can be a creative look that says a lot about the person wearing it. Add your own special color and customize these styles and can have an original style that is his own.

Mohawk hairstyle is extremely, which has been around for many years but gained popularity in 2000. This style is worn by men, women and even children. General view of the Mohawk is shaving both sides of the head, leaving a strip of hair in the center of their heads. Mohawk can be configured as extreme as you want with your hair about 2-4 inches and 6 to 12 inches. There are many opportunities Mohawk, so this is an easy style to make your own.

Faux Hawk

Formal hawk is less extreme version of the Mohawk and is popular in more conservative men, because it is creative form that does not attract as much attention as a Mohawk. Another bonus Faux Hawk is that it can be shaped in another way, when that opinion is not suitable, for example, in the office. Official letter hawk style long hair of the head, long hair in the center, which can be thickened to the top of a small glance at Mohawk. Sometimes this kind of change by Slicking hair of the person before allowing the rest of the hair sticking out the back.


Thorns only long hair, wild version of traditional men's haircut. Spike Hair Cut jaggedly, possibly with a razor blade, and only slightly less in the country. Using a gel, lipstick, wax or other strong where to make your hair stand up. You can also collect small tufts of hair violently, giving rise to spikes.


This alternative style of hairy men is very flexible and can be style in several ways. The tolerance on the top and sides and a long part of the hair in front of the forehead. The hair is cut in layers, using add exceptional softness and texture. Many people will style this haircut, comb the hair on the forehead, creating a blast. Zac Efron and Chase Crawford are two people who made this famous style. Bonus style that allows a lot of movement, and should not look perfect, because it must be messy style.

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