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| Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Attract a Girl With These Tricks

You like a girl, but do not know how to attract her. The first girl you like and think about you is not very difficult. This is just to be considered in the skillful way with some panache and style. Here are some ways to get a girl attracted to you.

See how to dress

Perhaps the work wardrobe with a super cool low waist jeans, and she reels from the class. This is not a match made in heaven. So if you like and you want to attract, to cultivate it attracted. Pay attention to the type of clothing and have a change in your wardrobe that. Or if you did not want to invest so much try to wear "normal" clothes and regular meetings are well and looks good to you.

Be chivalrous

At this age of feminism and the men and women a bit confused in its approach. Although it is better to treat a woman as an equal, gentlemanly behavior is strictly prohibited. So if you want to drive after turning on the button and go to knighthood. Day of open doors, offer to cancel a bookmark to get up, when she woke up ... You get the idea.

Focus on her

Do not look here and there, if you want to attract. You will need to focus all their attention on what she says and she says it. It seems not at all fascinated by what she says. See how interested in her "brains", and it will attract.

Give yourself a real compliment

Do not give false compliments. It’s better not to congratulate you if you do not have anything real to say. Your lie will be reviewed and will be removed from the list immediately. Fake compliments sign of desperation. Avoid completely.

Be Magic flirt

Flirt with outrageous without crossing the line. Make her feel special, and then the next time the ball download it. It would be totally wrong and it would be interested in you.

NOT upset

When you're near a girl who likes to say, or where it should not be nervous and anxious. If you want to attract will have to look right and left her.

I have great sense of humor

Nothing attracts more women than one who can break it. Using wit and humor to enliven the conversation and remember.

Now listen carefully,

What to discover something most people do not know when it comes to attracting women. It is one thing that is absolutely necessary to know all there. You are on the way to stay one last secret weapon that will make women chase you around like a madman, even if you're bald, fat and ugly !..... Believe me ....
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