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| Thursday, April 1, 2010

Padmapriya is a Tamil beauty and popularity in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil film industry. It is very popular for its beauty and its main asset is its surface, which can be installed on a very regional look depending upon the language, it seems that the typical girl in the movies Malayalaee Kerala, and fully transformed into the local Tamil girl. It can be easily identified as a Kannadiga girl or woman Manavadu Andhra Pradesh in any of the roles. In addition, their dancing skills as she provides a good role in the movie, and she will be able to properly express emotions in nature.

She is the daughter of Brig (Retd) VK Janakiraman and Mrs. Vizhayya Janakiraman. Priya, as they call friends and family members received a master's degree in finance Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies. She has a brother Prabhakar Janakiraman, who lives in the United States. She has worked with General Electric for three years as a consultant in Bangalore and the risk of Gurgaon. She also won the Miss Andhra Pradesh in 2001.

Padmapriya began training in dance at the age of six years under the guidance of the famous guru to scan a Brahma VS Ramamurthy. She became a symbol of a dancer, and until that time, she has more than 200 performances of the credit. Her Krishna Leela Ballet, where she plays the role of Krishna in Hyderabad Doordarshan in 1990, and now even television, almost all Krishna Zhayanti festivals and was specially chosen for the SAARC exchange program - she also signs in Nritya Rupam, innovative choreography by Jayalakshmi Eshwar at Delhi, which is also a special broadcast from Delhi Doordarshan.
Movie career . Padmapriya makes her role debut in the Telugu film Seenu Vaasanthi Lakshmi, in which she plays the role of sexual exploitation of a poor blind sister's brother. This film is a remake of Malayalam Vasanthiyum, Lakshmiyum Pinne gnaanum which was then revised again in Tamil as Kaasi. Her role as the bad girl was spotted former assistant Padmarajan Blessy, who was looking for new faces to act contrary to their eccentric superstar Mammooty film Kaazhcha. This is not a glamorous role as a mother of three children, and how they are fighting for placement of another child of the Gujarat earthquake of land. This film hit of cash, and free people's role in this case, she became an actress mostly western Malabar coast. Kaazhcha still strange Classic in the history of Malayalam cinema.
She never looked back and continues to Jayaram Amritham Sybil Malayil back, where she played a girl who falls in love with a Muslim Indians. In 2005 she also appeared as a character in the blockbuster "Rajamanikyam. Her other major roles were in films such as Vadakkumnathan, Ashwaroodan, a film about the life of a public figure Ajitha's. It was acting Mammooty again in 2006, she released Karuthapakshi and Srinivasan in film "Let us honor it has contributed to the successful film and Tamil Thavamai thavamirunthu. Russia Cheran was a huge success. Her next successful role was in the film director Pattiyal Visnuvardhan, in which she paired with Arya. Her forthcoming film in Tamil Vasanth's Sattham Podathey, where she will act in the opposite Kerala and Tamil Nadu Heartthrob Prithviraj.
Now this is a stunning actress will soon debut in Bollywood in a film called the Striker (2008), designed to restart the players. In this film she will play against the young male lead played by Siddharth.
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