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| Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Swim Suit for Beginners

You can swim in string bikinis or buy a fully dressed down suit race? Everything depends on the type of swimming you do. For general fitness swimming costume best choice of standard races. Most popular swimwear companies specializing in reality suit Speedo, Tyr, Club Swim and Dolphin.

Swim with different materials and styles. Lycra suit up less water slide, and give a little more stretch. Polyester costume easier to pull off the spandex and creates a little more resistance in the water.

Swimsuit style

One part is the most common and most flattering. She put on the stomach and very comfortable to swim in. If you want two, there are several options, including the bottom of the bikini, boy shorts, and some skorts. Two of the best piece is more suitable for a small bust of a woman, because it has limited support in this style. Most favored two parts will probably be a tankini, which is at the bottom of the top swimwear, which resembles a tank top.
Style swimsuit tape

Choosing the right bar is also very important. You do not want to keep the tape stopped and the recruitment of one arm. Ustalyuytse wide belt driver responsible for because of better support and comfort.
Shower choice of swimwear

* Choose a suit that fits comfortably but not too long. Too short to suit a bunch of embarrassing and swimming suit for too long may disclose your personal parts, and tapes will slide a soldier.
* Big Busted women opt for wider coverage and support, otherwise it is too much resistance when it is not necessary.
* Try to dress in a shop. Fitness Shops piece suits, they use the size of your body. Be sure to ask when they wash samples, although most places do.

Tag a choice of swimwear

* Do not invest in whole-body racing suit. If you are not competitive swimmer, it is not necessary.

* Do not invest in too many cases. This can be expensive, and you can combine the two you last longer.

One thing that newcomers can not understand, that bathing final break in time. Overall, there is less material in the ass, and that part of the claim to be destroyed quickly. Subscribe in a difficult position, showing the back and invest in two apartments.
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