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| Friday, April 2, 2010

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Find Best Bikini for your Figure

For many women in early summer brings a feeling of anxiety at the thought of putting a swimsuit. The impact of the white part of the body in the sun after a long mystery involves a decision to go in one piece or bikini.

While this partly depends on how your body resist the storm last year, or how often you work in the gym, but also depends crucially on the confidence you feel in your own skin. According to the Government of Korea Wan stylist, author of "How to look good naked, over 90 percent of British women say they do not like my body.
Learn to highlight your best bits

Development of personal self-esteem to learn to be positive about your body and discover how to deepen the good life and reduce damage. Choosing the correct style is so important for swimsuits, as well as any other article in wardrobe, especially when it comes to the bikini, swimsuit, nobody can make you feel subconscious in the form of fat. Select a bad cut, and they bless you all and arrows, and not hide it. Buy styles that they know with intelligence that fit their body shape and not having to worry about both his sense of self on the beach.
Advantages Photos

Besides the apparent advantages, bikini sets the skin to the sun and, therefore, offers great opportunities for sunbathing. One piece bathing suits (especially monokini) you can leave with some brands of tanning very funny, and although it's a good idea to start using one, after the initial exposure, most of us dream of Alba in bikini some time (but some are too scared to do it without scaring the neighbors at the beach!)
Finding the right fit:

Many women, size wise, is not proportional, so buy a size-fits-all used up and down for such tasks. In the past, when you are Busted, with a great ass, I had to put up with the bikini bottom loose, or if you have a pear-shaped after a common struggle for her to fill the upper half ! At present, at least most of the major retail stores swimsuit tops and bottom separately, but more importantly, the sale of various styles and main reason for satisfaction in a way kind of way. In the triangular circuit, and bandeau tops, high cut, low or a boy shorts kind of demand, the choice is endless.
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