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| Friday, April 2, 2010

"Anchal Sabharwal" is 23 years, born Aug. 29, a Virgo is a perfectionist and quite an emotional person. It would put their heart and soul into whatever you do, and then leave the rest of the university the right to decide what is best for her. She loves to give to God, if it is in situations that are difficult to handle. Starting from the army background see the whole of India, and therefore in their passion for travel, especially to train travel

Graduated from Delhi University in English literature, she enjoys reading, communication, love adventure sports like bungee zhamping, rafting. This is a complete animal lover. This is the stray dogs to eat when they can.

From that day, she remembers, she always wanted to perform it once stood before the mirror, at the age of 9 participants and a copy on television. It is used to fill the autographs of their members, as a child, she always says she wants to be an actress. Her friends laughed at her, and she was once embarrassing, but now, looking back, it boasts that it performs here childhood dream.
Her father, an officer serving the country in 28 years, mother house wife, and she has an older brother who is a dentist by profession, her best friend and confidant of the family is the greatest force for it, because they those who supported his decision to come to Mumbai, without knowing anything about this place or occupation. Today all that is required of his family for everything. She just wrapped a review after final exams end of the year she arrived in Mumbai, by the grace of God: "It is a struggle and I have many work in Mumbai because she came here and started to give further casting announcements made 7 Camlin , Stayfree, Ariel GNIIT, Parle Marie, pigeons, etc. It is for Star Plus serial called "Ek Chabi Let Padoss Mein" in the course of the year. It also made a short film co-production with Rohit Roy and increase television roles Sudhanshu Panda Gaurav Gera, Purbi Josh and I finally got the movie "Aamras".

Aamras is a film about four friends in school. His film about friendship. Four years on 18 girls define their friendship and school life. She plays a character Sanya Balsara ", which comes from a wealthy family, but its share uncertainty that comes from love and attention to his younger brother in the house, trying to balance in their lives through her friends.

Her name was Deputy Director of Abhimanyu Ray Casting. Auditioned for Abhimanyu Ray, then called 2 more rounds of auditions, she called for the type of tests and eventually an invitation to sign the contract before the date. He makes a series called "Bhaskar Bharti" Now Sony Production Company.

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