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| Monday, April 5, 2010

Archana Gupta, hot south indian Actress.She began her career in 2000.She worked in many movies.Gupta debut in Telugu film Andamaina Manasulo.She made her debut in Kannada film, circus, opposite Ganesh, which was released in mid-January in 2009, the film is not very good a year windows office.Last, there are many movies with her success.She is one of the leading actresses of South India.Here some yummy hot hit her, she has appeared in these photos of her show. Her hot boob show divided her pretty easy and attractive way.
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Hottest women to ever done a bikini

Women are often a mystery to us men. Some of them are for us the best protection, nourishers and lovers. We believe that every second they are on this earth with us, breathing the same air and live under the same sky, we are. But there other times when we see women as evil deadly malevolent witches, fraudsters and final fall of a great man. Whatever we think of them, it is certain that thousands of years, it's called a woman is exciting our imagination to no end.

There are some women who excite us more than others. These are things of beauty they were born seems to dazzle us with their beautiful bodies and stifling smiles. Add all bikinis that you have the ultimate cocktail of seduction. This is only a few women that men have always wanted to see in a bikini and have not been disappointed by the results:

Biljana Jessica: As in Gear magazine in his youth, tone and body shape Biljana Jessica had won praise throughout his perfect symmetry and sexuality. Much of the approval of then and now it is recognized as one of the strongest and most desirable bodies everywhere.
Halle Berry: A generally attractive face, body, Halle Berry is certainly no slouch, as seen in films such as Die Another Day and swordfish. Her body curves, beautiful face and sensual voice charm all men from 18 to 80 and above.

Elle Macpherson: You can not call a body "for nothing. At six feet tall, Elle Macpherson is sexy queen medium wave. Her Sports Illustrated and other magazines covers are the best evidence as to why she is one of sexiest women on the planet, without exception.

Ursula Andress: Bond enthusiasts know it as a Bond girl in 1962, some number of D-P and the rest of humanity does not know her simply as a very sexy woman who revolutionized the way people perceive the women in Action / Adventure films. Imagine that the image of the beautiful shape of the Caribbean Sea in all its glory goal, only white panties.
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