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| Thursday, April 1, 2010

Suhani was born into the family of languages Urdu Kalita at Christmas (25 December). She studied in Rosary Convent High School, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. After finishing school, she joined St. Mary, where she graduated from college. Then she hopes to be a post graduate degree in MBA.

No Stranger to the press, she has participated in Andhra Pradesh Miss beauty contest, Cat-walks through the Samsung and the International Film Festival, as she appeared in music videos Aslam's.

She also appeared in print ads BSNL, Karvys Finance and Idea Cellular.

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A little Piece on the Bikini

Women have a wide selection of swimsuits to choose from. There are various forms in order to feel comfortable with your body, but still looks great.The bikini is one of the best tracks on the retail swimwear. Wearing a bikini can make you feel sexy and beautiful as you relax and enjoy the warm sun and water. It continues to be one of the most coveted pieces of clothing for women.

Bikini has changed dramatically over time. One and two piece bathing suit has ever been called a bikini. They were available in more colors than other swimsuits. However, they were the main design. If you bikini fits well, well. You were ready to go. In fact, for most women, although it was not fit their body shape. They often feel frustrated and self conscious to make such a discovery. Today, the bikini comes in many shapes and colors to meet the requirements of fashionable women everywhere.

Smallest bikini string bikini called. This is a great advantage to good shape women. He lives up to its name because it is very small. This only covers the most important areas of the bust and the crotch. Strings that hold position is often decorated with gems and pearls. Although this is a very sexy bikini, she is also very risky to perform. He did not often see among the stages in public very often.

Today, most bikinis sold in pieces. It was a very innovative idea from the producers of panties. Sales almost doubled, as it makes finding one that fits the body more easily. You can mix and correspond to the style of top and bottom you want. Latest fashion bikini is all style. It is designed to give your body a great look. Too often, women will find that at the beginning or end of a particular project fits well, but not both, to be purchased together as a kit.

Find great bikini is not necessary to rob the "Bank". You'll find panties start at around fourteen dollars. The line offers a vast collection of hot colors, including bright red, royal blue and baby pink and traditional black. If you're ready to enjoy the sun, playing in the water, and then start looking for the perfect bikini to spend days inches with so many colors and styles available, it should be a fun experience to find what looks good on you!
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