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| Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Why Women Love Dating Funny Men

Ask any woman what they want in a man and he always answers "humor".

Blonde Women dating funny men. The road to the heart of man can be his stomach, but the way a woman is definitely through his funny bone.

I am clearly aware of it last year, when Melbourne comedian Andy Lee was voted Cleo Bachelor of the Year. Yep, that's right: the punters chose Lee over Heartthrobs like surfing bad boy Koby Abberton.

My surprise turned to shock when Lee began dating supermodel Megan strong wind, the exotic look and style has earned him respect in Australia industry killer system. Lee (who at 25 is six years his junior) is capable of a hero for every pimply 15-year-old class clown.

I decided to put my curiosity to rest until I discovered that the U.S. comedian David Spade is currently dating blonde Bombshell Heather Locklear. Uh-huh. Short, (grass pala, best known for playing TV's thin Dennis Finch on Just Shoot Me) argued recently divorced Locklear, early nineties pin-up girl for every hen-pecked-30 years old. Before it was previously pala Lara Flynn Boyle and Kristy Swanson.

Intrigued, I continued my research. David Walliams of Little Britain fame, also left a host of beautiful women in its wake hilarious. Walliams has caught the likes of Aussie bikini babe Emily Scott, British Actress Patsy Kensit, and supermodel Lisa Snowdon. Not bad for the only gay in the village.

And more bizarre celebrity links: Hank Azaria and ex-wife Helen Hunt's. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor. Barry Humphries and Lizzy spender. Sacha Baron Cohen Isla Fisher arrived. Woody Allen (who started his career as a stand-up comedian) with both Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow. Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland. And Jim Carrey, the pressure on with the Mother lode Renée Zellweger and Lauren Holly exes, former fire current (and former playmates of the Year), Jenny McCarthy.

Woman easy. All you need to make men crazy, some peekaboo lingerie and thigh-high boots. Men have to work much harder for their slices of pie charisma. In a field of thought, an unarmed man you want you will not get any former Booty.

It is easy to see why people coming to successful dating: they are interesting, good conversationalists, and they get a life (or themselves) too seriously. They are generally confident and friendly.

And best of all, they are good at expressing themselves, very useful indeed with Online Dating. How women in a fight?

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