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| Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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How to wear a bra with the dress Backless

1) Wear a bra with straps clear. Single-arm with straps or transparent is equally convenient as a regular bra but the straps are barely visible, so they are easily worn with a backless dress.

2) Wear a bra with a back belt is very low. This type of bra is designed for backless dresses or clothes that have established a very low return. The straps around the waist below the wind, exposing the back, but also offers lift and support a normal bra.

3) Caps on the inside front of your backless dress sewn. Choose a supportive bra does not change, that you mind. Cut the straps are left until the shells, then sew the cups on the inside of the dress. If the dress is the support that you usually get there in a bra already a natural part of your dress.

4) Wear a bra, backless. This is a new type of bra has specially created for the purpose backless dresses are worn. This bra can be worn with a dress with a very low reduced because the straps are a little over her shoulders, leaving the back exposed completely.

5)Wear hats that hold your breasts naturally. They are backless caps, which are made of a material that forms and sticks to the skin, support and lift without falling.
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