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| Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bollywood Sex bomb Payal Rohatgi, who has appeared in films like Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai, Tauba Tauba and recently 36 China Town, talks about her alleged collaboration with Rahul Mahajan. Read on to discover the true story ..

Is it true that you dated Rahul Mahajan?
It is nonsense that I never dated Rahul Mahajan. It is true that I've known for a while but I've never dated. This is just a rumor.

How long have you known Rahul?
A mutual friend at a party in Mumbai introduced me to him there about four years. I became acquainted with him and his friends. I met him several times after that and went out with his gang. I never went anywhere alone with him. But when I entered the film industry, I lost contact with him.

What type of person is Rahul Mahajan?
It is a very helpful and friendly. He is always there to help their friends in need. It helped me also two

Have you ever seen him take drugs?
No, I have been with Rahul and his friends in the party, but I saw him take drugs.

What can you say about his alleged involvement in drug trafficking?
As far as I know it's a good man. But because the investigation is, I can not say anything now. I hope that God will help to resolve this crisis.
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