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| Saturday, June 26, 2010

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Bikini, When Heat is on......

Given the scorching heat, which is by Mumbai is the best way to beat the heat would hit the pool. Not surprisingly, many bathing suits for summer trend has emerged. And as no two pieces bikini to praise the "punch" factor, it seems that the T-shirt (or one piece bathing suit) has developed a suite, as well. Indeed, it generated a great popularity.

As Dalbir Bains of Boudoir London, explains: "Traditionally, two-piece bikini was when the perfect bathing suit for the really good and the piece was a cover-up, if one can call it that. But now this is as a good number also changed be cut in a bikini-style highlighted. That was the only room a massive return and you look so sexy and even sexier in a bikini cut for a two-parts on color, design, and of course, and form. "

Designer Falguni Peacock added that back here in India, actor Priyanka Chopra, the body of the trend in Dostana contributed. "She was a swimsuit one piece of gold and it looked really interesting in it. Moreover, even if you do not have a body like Priyanka, you can your belly hiding with his shirt cut properly. Bikinis One-piece in colors such as green-blue sea and pink - even with a psychedelic prints and leopard - in this moment, "she says.

Arshiya Fakih believes that the T-shirt could be used for those who want to avoid a TAN ideal. "Abroad, people like to tan, but is not the case. In addition, the shirt is a classic bit moderate and conservative, and many Indians Sun At the same time, it did not take to be boring, so it with a very short Rock, a pair of colorful flip-flops and get a "cool" Search. " colorful bikinis in one piece with floral patterns and prints can pair are also very good. In fact, a white shirt, which is fed and thick substance could be a good idea. Ultimately it is the piece that makes the difference of cutting - a simple covering of the body during the glamor and have turned again, "she said.

Model Anchal Kumar has the last word. "I think, both the swimsuit and bikini two pieces are also good. The latter fact, never left the fashion or otherwise, even hot pants (or hot pants). A well-developed Jersey can be a strong competition bikini, so ends he.

What a jersey?

The jersey is the name of the fashion designer swimwear one piece by a woman. A one-piece swimsuit usually consists of a tank to the upper body, legs high cut style. However, a jersey, a plunging neckline, turtleneck-style top or cut-outs revealing. Fashion designers have experimented with the jersey from a shoulder holster bikini, bandeau bikini, and more recently, the jersey with the cuts.
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