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| Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Summer Swimwear Trends

This summer, try a different kind, as far as I swim wear concerns. It's been a long time if you were wearing the same old swimsuit. Here are some new trends that you can try and see what suits you best.
One should

This is a bikini with a belt or shoulder pieces. Most styles are super hot, almost ramps trends that can make you look like a million dollars. But they come with a small riders. For starters, do not try to get one if you Busty. Shoulders should be colored as well. But they are great if you want to draw attention away from the diaphragm or lower chest.


These bikini with bands bands and reduce the window held together. These forms are usually lean, mean and hungry "look. An alternative, this trend could be two-piece thingy (television and short definitions), with a delicate touch cards in summary form.


This is more like a tank top with short. In the climax is even more coverage, which limits a little love handles. But do not wear this style if you're looking abdominal control. Solid colors will work well. Flee from the usual black and experiment with bright colors or deep as purple, red and blue jewel.

Swim dress

These are small numbers, occasionally with hair band and neck strap cycle, hot. They can add much-needed zing and sports an interesting look. They hide flaws, not super-hard on the diaphragm. Experiment with floral watercolor effects, huge flowers. Tip: Go for smaller flower print, they are well secured.


This is more or less like a wet suit with hood. You can love or hate, but you can not ignore it. So if you've hidden 'faithful not pornographic show that might be a good option. This is a great choice for almost all types of massage. However, be prepared to feel a bit limited in the long swim.

Dos and Don'ts

- The bottom of the high reduction will make short legs, thin and more.
- To distract from the big thigh to the top with a nice color and detail.
- Under wire bikini with frills or Ruffles increases small bust line.
- Gang style (not a high neck), almost flat punch line.
- It's dark, but profoundly brilliant colors do some stomach control.
- Triangle bikini top made heavy look bad bust.
- Show some skin (breaking bands) to visually reduce the width.
- Stripes add the width of each form. Gently massage can flaunt well.
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