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| Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Priyamani Say about Her Bikini Act

Raavanan in Tamil and Telugu in the villain. "This is the dream of any actor to work in Mani Ratnam movie, and I was happy to work with a legend like Sir Mani Ratnam, the beginning of my career. When I received a call from Sir Mani wanted to meet me, I just could not believe it. There were a butterfly in the stomach. Even before we met, he praised me many times said: "I was just fine in Parutthiveeran".

In the dark beauty can not stop at the ACE Director. He looked at the script and said that he must play a role Vennila. Simply put, he called me, as a symbol color Raavanan as a scene where only those features that are colored background, while the rest of the movie filmed in natural colors. "On the limits of Bollywood with Ram Gopal Varma from Rakta Charitra, the actress said:" signed blind Raktha ... because it's one film RGV. And he is so beautiful and gave me a lot of space to prepare before shooting.

Ask her why she chooses the route on the glam to wear a bikini, and makes this song the pair sequence literacy, where she was awarded the actress, and she actually said: "Is there anything wrong wearing the impressive facilities that meet the I I think, why not ask others actresses who do the same thing, only instead of turning me? In addition, I wore a bikini Telugu Movie Drona dream song and I had to jump into the pool. Obviously, I can not jump into the water carries Sarah! He drew his share in the comments - both good and not. I took it in my step "
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